Gilles Compain

Gilles Compain is certified by the A.E.M.N (European Academy of Natural Medecines) as a naturopath and holistic practitioner.

After having managed an organic store and worked for one of the oldest herbalists in Paris, Gilles developed a working knowledge of medicinal herbs and their many uses. His experience in the field, complemented by his training at the A.E.M.N has enhanced his understanding of the naturopathic approach.
Currently , he works out of his private office and for various luxury spas. He also collaborated in the latest book of the noted Parisian celebrity personal trainer, Jean-Pierre Clémenceau. In the book, entitled "Anti-aging Gymnastics for senior citizens", Gilles lays out various natural anti-aging techniques.

If you would like to be more energetic and to improve the quality of your daily life, Gilles Compain will help you reach your goals quickly through coaching sessions and lifestyle counseling.